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I loved being able to try all of the delicious foods, check out the beautiful crafts, and enjoy all of the talented musicians and performers. And you know what? It was so rewarding to hear all about how vendors from all around south-eastern Minnesota some even farther! It was inspiring because I was able to see the hard work and dedication of vendors who genuinely cared about what they were crafting, whether this was their first or tenth year at the market, and it made me appreciate their commitment. And, it was fun.

It was fun to feel more connected and to have a better sense of the community that makes up Rochester. Jane Funk is a blogger, educator, reader, and nap-taking enthusiast and is the guest blogger for the summer downtown Rochester blog series Thinking Thursdays with Jane Funk. During his first year running the business, Gary opened what was likely the first kitchen and bath store in the country for contractors and homeowners to view kitchen and bath product displays.

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In , a decision was made to give the showrooms their own, separate identity. To honor Gary's innovative concept, the kitchen and bath stores were renamed "Gerhards". These showrooms provide an effective and essential sales tool for contractors by providing building and remodeling customers the opportunity to personally see and select the products they want for their home.

In , Gerhards celebrates 75 years of serving trade professionals and consumers by providing inspirational design, quality products, relevant resources and exceptional service. Henna is a plant-based dye that can be used to create temporary body art. Traditionally used in India and a number of middle eastern countries as part of celebrations and rituals, the popularity of henna has now spread around the world. A native of Bangladesh, Nazma is proud of the work she and her staff have done, especially their emphasis on quality and safety. Nazma believes their use of pure organic henna, natural essential oils, and safe body glitter is what makes Henna Carnival a great choice for customers.

And I get to meet people from all over the world here. Also, it's all about doing a design that is important to the customer. Kayley Dahle has run the Henna Hut since , making this summer her seventh summer at the market.

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Despite her many years doing henna, you can still feel her enthusiasm and love for henna. Kayley thinks that what sets the Henna Hut apart is the variety of small, simple, and modern designs they offer in addition to the traditional and more elaborate designs. Nila began drawing when she was in elementary school, and she is proud of being a self-taught henna artist who can do both traditional and modern designs.

She says both the traditional and the modern designs are popular, and notes that this year, the collarbone and the inside of the wrist have been popular places to get henna design. Instead, she feels like she competes with herself to become even better. One of the highlights last week at least for me and my son had to be the petting zoo hosted by the Fantasy Corral for Youth Day.

I mean, who could resist that sweet face? But maybe he could get a brahman cow? Wait a minute--a photo contest? Well actually, there are two.

Cool & Cheap China electronic gadgets: September

But wait! Before you go to all of the trouble of reading the instructions, you might want to know what the prizes are! According to this page , the prizes are as follows:. Come on down and pet some adorable canine friends to clear your head during lunch. All the soaps are made with fresh goat milk and are free of harsh additives and chemicals.

All of the soaps look and smell beautiful and using one of these soaps would be a wonderful, natural way to unwind. If you're feeling worn down spiritually, you might want to drop by "4 Angels Creations. She uses old pieces of tatting or other handicrafts made by friends and customers to impress patterns on each of her Angels for a unique look.

Each Angel is meant to encourage and uplift, and some include special healing stones such as Amethyst, Sodalite, and Mook Jasper which bring calm and harmony to the recipient. Whatever type of Wellness you need, whether bodily, mental, or spiritual, come downtown this Thursday to add a little to your life. Rochester Magazine is a monthly magazine published by the Post-Bulletin highlighting local entertainment, style and culture.

Want to know more about Roch Mag?

71883663 – abstract splash of water on a blue background

Regular features of our publication include upcoming concerts and local entertainment, restaurant profiles, paparazzi shots from local charity events, personality profiles, fashion spreads, an annual best of restaurants contest, plus much more! Our artistic design, captivating profiles and award-winning features keep readers anxiously awaiting each new issue.

See for yourself by heading to the Roch Mag website to page through the August issue —or better yet— stop by our booth to pick up a print copy and chat with the team! This event showcases all that is great about Rochester -- our strong and vibrant community. The gathering of both local residents and visitors to our City creates such a great atmosphere for socializing and fun!

Stop by our booth near the Peace Plaza stage to learn more!

We are in the midst of exciting times at RST. With a new daily Delta Air Lines flight to Atlanta and increased daily American Airlines flights to Chicago, we are able to provide our community with increased air travel options. The community is responding by choosing to Fly Local! The choice to fly local and buy local helps support our local businesses and benefits us all! We thank you for your continued support of RST! See you at Peace Plaza! As we look forward to sunnier weather this week, here are a few other things happening that you can look forward to. Come downtown this Thursday to enjoy the food, people, and the entertainment line-up.

You can listen to their music here. You can listen to his music here.


This week I thought I would do something a little different. It was fun to step outside of my comfort zone and get to know some of the community we have here in Rochester. Wayne Flock runs the Rochester Lefse Co. After attending outdoor markets in the Netherlands, Flock felt that the Rochester community could use something similar and started the weekly markets 12 years ago. I was in my 20s. I ran into Nicole on the corner of 2nd St.

I work at Starbucks. This group of girls was waiting to get henna tattoos. The Crepes! Everyone who comes for a reading is a stranger and you become close, at least for the time you are doing the reading [ Arman and Behshid were enjoying some popcorn on Peace Plaza when I caught up with them. With parallel missions like supporting local food and being vibrant social hubs, the two easily mirror one another. TOF has the ability to reach a significant portion of the city and connect them with nearby vendors and area businesses. From featuring locally-sourced products that support our neighbors, to holding classes that educate our members and shoppers, to sponsoring events that make Rochester a great place to live; building community is essential to our mission.

Back to reality after a great holiday weekend! Good thing we got those fireworks in before all the rain! If you find yourself with some children to entertain, make sure to check out the booths below for some kid-friendly fun. If all of the plastic feels a little overwhelming, make sure to check out DK Toys. DeWayne King has been hand-making wooden toys for over 20 years, and these beautifully crafted toys are safe, fun, and look great. Choose from a variety of cars, logging trucks, fire-trucks, planes, etc.

Ronda was inspired to start her booth when she saw what she felt like was a lack of fun options for smaller children to participate in at the market. You can see a testament to her success in all the princesses, sharks, and occasional Yodas walking by you downtown. Big Bang Boom bio sourced from bigbangboom.